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  • Following the violence that took place in Charlottesville last weekend, technology companies have done everything they can to distance themselves from neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other right-wing groups. It led to numerous companies dropping right-wing sites such as The Daily Stormer, which was ultimately pushed to the dark web. Digital rights group the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) -- well-known for speaking out about privacy and legal issues -- has criticized the ban on neo-Nazi sites and groups saying it poses a threat to free expression online. Google, GoDaddy, Cloudflare, Reddit and Facebook are just a handful of technology companies to… [Continue Reading]
  • Formula 1 driving can be dangerous, as weather or malfunctions can cause fatal accidents. Teams are solving this problem by getting drivers to test racetracks in a virtual car. As automation is integrated into more factories, manufacturing has evolved to mix physical and virtual objects, just like racing. Here is how the latest industrial trend, digital twinning, is shaping the future of manufacturing. It may seem odd for drivers to test racetracks online rather than in person. However, sensors can collect analytics data about the conditions of any racetrack across the world and create those conditions on one computer. Drivers… [Continue Reading]
  • Microsoft has announced its plans to buy HPC company Cycle Computing in order to allow its customers to do more in the public cloud. According to the company, the deal will enable its users to use high-performance computing as well as other "Big Computing" capabilities that will improve how they run their workloads in the cloud. Azure corporate vice president Jason Zander explained how Cycle Computing will fit into Microsoft's other cloud offerings in a blog post, saying: "As customers continue to look for faster, more efficient ways to run their workloads, Cycle Computing's depth and expertise around massively scalable applications make… [Continue Reading]
  • The MacBook Pro is a wonderful laptop. It offers excellent performance, a sleek design, and one of the best keyboards on the market. There really isn't much to complain about, other than a lack of ports. You see, Apple went all-in with USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports on its new laptop, meaning some users would need to rely on dongles for connecting legacy devices. There are countless dongles, adapters, and docking stations on the market nowadays, all looking to provide a fix for this port pain-point. Today, a new such product from a company named "Seesaw" becomes available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The "DockCase," as it… [Continue Reading]
  • For a vestige of the past, the password has managed to hold on and remain alive -- even though some of the top people in computing said that it had already died over a decade ago. In one of his more famous predictions, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that passwords were on the way out already in 2004. Problem is that Gates, for all his wisdom, didn’t tell us what to use to replace passwords. "There is no doubt that over time, people are going to rely less and less on passwords," Gates said at the RSA conference in 2004. "People… [Continue Reading]
  • The percentage of ransomware attacks almost doubled in the first half of 2017 compared to the first half of 2016, from an average of 26 percent to an average of 48 percent of the main attack categories worldwide. This is according to a mid-year cyber attack trends report from threat prevention company Check Point. It also finds that 23.5 percent of organizations were impacted by the RoughTed malvertising campaign, and 19.7 percent of organizations were impacted by the Fireball malware over the same period. The report's authors also note that the leaking and consequent availability of key nation-state hacking tools,… [Continue Reading]
  • The price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically this year. The most popular cryptocurrency went from a low of $958 on January 1 to $2,000 on May 19, $3,000 on June 11, and, finally, $4,500 today. The effect? Its market cap rose from $15.5 billion to $73 billion, making it more valuable than well-known major tech companies like Twitter, HP, Nokia, NXP, Baidu, Salesforce and PayPal. But Bitcoin's rise didn't have an effect just on its market cap, as it also boosted the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Today, its value is estimated to be around $144 billion, up from only… [Continue Reading]
  • Companies continue to be keen to exploit the power of big data analytics, and one of the most popular platforms for doing this is Google's BigQuery. Edge cloud platform Fastly is announcing a new integration that allows the real-time streaming of logs to BigQuery. This, the first of a number of planned integrations with Google's Cloud Platform, aims to deliver better performance and faster real-time insights. Fastly provides private interconnects with Google at 14 strategic locations around the world. By connecting directly with Google's network backbone, bypassing the public internet, it can reduce the latency to GCP data. Compared to… [Continue Reading]
  • Researchers have discovered that cyber attackers are exploiting a vulnerability that allows them to elude antivirus software to deliver malware via Microsoft PowerPoint. The flaw itself exists in the Windows Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) interface and attackers have previously used it to deliver infected Rich Text File (.RTF) documents. Trend Micro's researchers noticed that attackers have now infected PowerPoint files to deliver malicious code. The attacks begin with a spear-phishing email with a message from a cable manufacturing provider. So far, those behind the recent attacks, have targeted organizations that operate in the electronics manufacturing industry with messages that appear to be sent… [Continue Reading]
  • A new study from cloud data management company Druva shows a strong trend among businesses towards moving virtual workloads to the cloud. It reveals that in the VMware market 90 percent of companies are aiming to migrate their workloads by 2018, with a clear preference for AWS (47 percent), followed by Microsoft Azure (25 percent). Disaster recovery is cited as a critical reason to move to the cloud by 82 percent of those surveyed. This reflects a changing of perceptions as professionals come to understand how the cloud reduces the possibility of costly downtime and promotes productivity. More than half of… [Continue Reading]
  • A new survey of information security professionals carried out at last month's Black Hat conference suggests that the majority think encryption backdoors are ineffective and potentially dangerous. The study carried out by machine identity protection company Venafi finds that 72 percent of respondents don't believe encryption backdoors would make their nations safer from terrorists. This follows an earlier study from Venafi into consumer attitudes to encryption and government powers which showed that people have mixed feelings about the effect it would have on them personally. This new study shows that only 19 percent of professionals believe the technology industry is doing… [Continue Reading]
  • Android users now have a new "Question & answers" option in both Google Maps and search. This is not a general Q&A feature along the lines of Yahoo Answers, but a way to ask questions about businesses. This appears to be Google's attempt to draw people away from the likes of Facebook when they want to ask questions about hotels, restaurants and other places they may visit. Business owners are able to respond to questions -- as are users -- and they are encouraged to create FAQs to prevent the same queries being posted time and time again. In some… [Continue Reading]
  • Technology companies are increasingly realizing that if they are to break into emerging markets, they're going to have to reduce the amount of data their apps use. Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite and LinkedIn Lite are just some of the less demanding apps to have been launched recently. Google doesn’t want to miss out on the action. It is currently testing a data-light version of its search app for use in countries with slow connections. Search Lite (or Search (Test App)) is currently available to download from Google Play in Indonesia -- or from other sources if you're elsewhere in the… [Continue Reading]
  • Newton is my favorite email app, not least because I can use it on all my devices -- no matter if they run Android, iOS, macOS or Windows, the last of which arrived in private beta in early-May. Now, after four months of testing, it is ready for prime time. The Windows version of Newton arrives today in Windows Store, and it's designed with Windows 10 users in mind. CloudMagic, the company behind the app, has included pretty much every feature that Newton has on other platforms, meaning the experience should be pretty similar to Android, iOS and macOS. There… [Continue Reading]
  • If you're a Google Home user living in the US or Canada, Google is now rolling out the ability to make free phone calls. The announcement sees the company making good on a promise from I/O 2017, and it extends the call-making capabilities of Google Assistant from smartphones to Google Home. There are, of course, a few limitations to keep in mind. Aside from being limited to the US and Canada -- and there's no indication that this will extend further -- free calls can only be made to regular national numbers. Landlines and mobiles are supported, but not international… [Continue Reading]
  • The nightmare continues for HBO. After suffering a hack and then leaks of various shows including Game of Thrones, hackers have now struck at the network's social media accounts. The hacking group OurMine took control of the main HBO Twitter accounts, as well as those for various shows, including Game of Thrones. OurMine is no newcomer to the scene -- the group has previously hacked Mark Zuckerberg and Netflix's Twitter accounts. Separately to this, what has been dubbed the "4th Wave HBO Leak" has been made available online. This time the data dumps include content relating to Game of Thrones… [Continue Reading]
  • Raspberry Pi’s main operating system, the Debian-based Raspbian, gets updated every two years or so. The last release, Jessie, came out in 2015, and now its replacement has arrived. Say hello to Stretch. In case you were wondering, Debian releases are named after characters from Disney Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy. Jessie was the cowgirl introduced in Toy Story 2, and Stretch is a purple octopus from Toy Story 3. So what's new in the updated release? SEE ALSO: Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton talks sales numbers, proudest moments, community projects, and Raspberry Pi 4 [Q&A] Most of the changes are… [Continue Reading]
  • Last year, Samsung had quite the disaster with the Galaxy Note7 smartphone. Some of the devices were deemed to be fire hazards, due to overheating and exploding batteries. While the company did ultimately recall all of the devices, the process was poorly handled which lead to even more negative experiences. Things got so bad that those particular Samsung phones were banned from airplanes. The Note7 fire issue is far behind the company at this point, and the brand is as strong as ever. In fact, the Galaxy Note8 is expected to be unveiled next week in NYC. Unfortunately, there is a new… [Continue Reading]
  • Malware threats have reached dangerously high levels, according to a new report that highlights the sheer scale of threats facing businesses today. The latest Kaspersky Lab Malware report, covering the three months of Q2 2017, claims that Kaspersky Lab's products blocked more than five million attacks involving exploits in this time period. In total, Kaspersky's products detected and repelled 342,566,061 malicious attacks from online resources located in 191 countries, with 17.26 percent of all Internet-connected computers in the world facing at least one attack. This included a rise in crypto-ransomware attacks, which were blocked on 246,675 unique computers, compared to 240,799… [Continue Reading]
  • Businesses struggling to get their operations in order before the GDPR kicks in in May 2018 have been given a welcome helping hand from Rackspace. The company has revealed the launch of a new Privacy and Data Protection (PDP) offering which will help companies ensure they are up to speed with the latest data protection legislation. PDP will be able to quickly identify and protect sensitive data such as customer payment information and other kinds of personal details, meaning businesses will not need to worry about being up top speed in terms of their protection and regulation needs. Rackspace says that the platform… [Continue Reading]