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  • Microsoft’s own Windows 10 share numbers have always seemed a little, well, generous. While NetMarketShare’s OS usage share figures show the new operating system doing fine, but lagging some distance behind Windows 7 (as you'd expect), Microsoft’s figures paint an entirely different picture. Five months ago, the software giant showed Windows 10 hitting 50 percent in the US, and two months ago, it had the new OS overtaking Windows 7 globally. Today’s update though stretches the believability just a little too far. SEE ALSO: Windows 10 enters 2017 not with a bang, but a whimper Unlike NetMarketShare which updates its… [Continue Reading]
  • There are so many Linux distributions nowadays, that it can be hard to be excited by them. Linux Mint, for example, releases too many versions of its operating system; news of an update can become rather ho-hum. Major Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu and Fedora, remain exciting, however. Some smaller Linux-based operating systems are still worthy of attention, however, and one such distro is Bodhi. Based on Ubuntu, the lightweight OS is very unique thanks to the Moksha desktop environment. Because of its familiarity, that DE makes Bodhi a smart choice for Windows users looking to switch to Linux. Today, Bodhi reaches version… [Continue Reading]
  • After a couple of days’ delay, Microsoft finally releases a new build for Windows 10 Insiders on the Fast ring. We already knew some of what to expect of this build, as Microsoft previously announced the new gaming features, but naturally there’s more to Build 15019 than just that. As well as the new Game Mode, Beam video game streaming, and a dedicated Gaming section in Settings, the new PC-only release offers improved full-screen support with Windows Game Bar for a variety of additional games. SEE ALSO: Microsoft kills the ability to uninstall stock apps from Windows 10 It’s not… [Continue Reading]
  • The Internet Archive offers a wealth of fantastic ways to revisit the past, whether you’re trawling through classic animated GIFs from the nineties, running Windows 3.1 programs in your browser, or playing DOS, classic arcade, or vintage console games online. The latest trip down memory lane comes in the form of classic computer and video gaming magazines, something that really resonates with me as there are titles there that I not only read in my youth, but that I wrote for, or which were put together in the same building I worked in. There are currently 18,662 titles to browse… [Continue Reading]
  • USB-C is one of the best innovations in the technology world. This single connection type can transmit both data and power, leading to convenient docking and charging solutions. The problem, however, is that not all manufacturers adhere to power delivery guidelines, meaning a third-party charger or dock could fry your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Today, Satechi releases a new product aimed at protecting your devices from damage. No, the USB-C Power Meter does not serve as a surge protector or fuse. Instead, the little dongle shows you the amps and voltage of the USB-C power source when you plug it into your device. In… [Continue Reading]
  • The latest official macOS Sierra update that Apple recently introduced did not bring any new features to the table, as it focused on improving performance and fixing bugs, but that is about to change as Night Shift will finally arrive in the upcoming macOS Sierra 10.12.4. Night Shift should sound familiar to iPhone users, as Apple debuted this feature nearly a year ago in iOS 9.3. What is it? Night Shift is a mode that, when activated, reduces blue light to help you sleep better. In macOS Sierra 10.12.4, Night Shift is implemented like in iOS. It can be configured to turn on automatically, based… [Continue Reading]
  • Freeware developer SterJo Software has unveiled SterJo Password Generator, a free tool for creating strong and random passwords. A simple interface enables choosing the length of each password and the type of characters it should include: upper or lower case letters, numbers and/ or special characters. Clicking "Generate Password" creates a single matching password. The Copy button sends it to the clipboard. Alternatively, clicking Generate List creates up to 1,000 passwords. The full list can also be copied to the clipboard, or saved as a text report. So far, so much like many similar tools, but what’s different here is… [Continue Reading]
  • VPN software can be used to not only circumvent geoblocking, censorship and ISP blocks, but also to remain anonymous online. At least that's the idea. If you're an Android user who has a VPN app installed on your phone or tablet, the chances are that it is not safe. Research shows that the majority of VPN apps to be found in Google Play contain spyware or malware, leak data, or include tracking components. This is in stark contrast to what most people would expect from such apps, and users are warned to double-check the choice they have made. TorrentFreak shares… [Continue Reading]
  • temps is an open-source Electron-based weather app for just about every desktop: Windows, Linux and Mac. There’s no installation required, just unzip and run, and in a few seconds you’re looking at temps’ stylish, app-like interface. An icon represented our current weather; there are background rain, snow and thunder animations; a temperature, four-day weather forecast, and status information including location, date and time. temps opens with the default location of Berlin, but tapping the top-right menu button enables changing this to whatever you need. Clicking in the forecast area displays a chart representing temperature for the next day. Clicking and… [Continue Reading]
  • If there's one thing that irks Twitter users (actually, there are many things, but stick with us...) it's the disorganized way in which information is scattered hither and thither. Keen to get users to break out of their timelines and see what else it out there, the Twitter app is undergoing a makeover. The change means that the existing search, Moments, and trends are now combined into a single, more manageable Explore tab. It's a simple change, but one that will make life easier for Twitter explorers. As is often the case, it's iOS users who will get the first… [Continue Reading]
  • Two-hundred-and-sixteen in a series. Welcome to this week's overview of the best apps, games and extensions released for Windows 10 on Windows Store in the past seven days. It is time to update the original Windows 10 release as Microsoft will stop updating it after March 26. This week saw the release of several blockbuster games, Resident Evil 7, but also interesting apps such as Boardpacks for Windows 10 and Video Editor 10. As always, if I missed an app or game that has been released this week that you believe is particularly good, let me know in the comments… [Continue Reading]
  • Connected devices are a big part of all our lives and that goes for younger members of the family too, but of course connecting to the internet means risk. A new survey from Intel Security shows 40 percent of British parents do not keep track of their children's online activity, so they don't know when their children are online or what websites and content they're accessing. According to the survey of 13,000 people, 79 percent are concerned about their children interacting with a social predator or cyber criminal online, and 23 percent of parents say they've found their children visiting… [Continue Reading]
  • To say that IT security professionals in the UK are in demand would be a severe understatement. A new report by Experis says there has been an increase of 46 percent in the demand for both permanent and contract IT security professionals. The report, entitled Tech Cities Job Watch, says companies are putting more emphasis on long-term investments. There has been a 52.9 percent surge in demand for permanent staff, year-over-year. From Q4 2015, to Q4 2016, the demand had risen "just" 15.3 percent.  The increase in demand has also affected IT security pros’ salaries. Annual IT security permanent salaries… [Continue Reading]
  • An update to version x.0.1 of an app, you might believe, is unlikely to bring much in the way of major changes. But far from being just a bug fixing release, Android keyboard app Swype 3.0.1 takes predictive text to the next level. We've all become used to the idea of smartphone keyboards predicting not only which word you are currently typing, but also which word you might want to type next. Taking on board millennials and pre-millennials' apparent dislike of actual words and heavy reliance on emoji, Swype will now suggest emoji you might like to use based on… [Continue Reading]
  • The problem of fake news has been around for a little while -- particularly on Facebook -- but it's something that has been thrown into the spotlight thanks to President Trump and his continuing complaints about the media, in particular about the size of his inauguration crowds. Facebook is one of many technology companies to announce plans to tackle fake news, and now the social network has unveiled its latest round of fakery fighting. Three major changes are coming to Trending topics: firstly, Facebook will no longer personalize news for individual users; secondly headlines and sources will be listed alongside… [Continue Reading]
  • Microsoft is not giving away too much about the sales figures for HoloLens but goes as far as saying it is "in thousands, not hundreds of thousands". With the augmented reality headset costing $3000, this is perhaps not surprising, and the company is quite happy to take the seemingly low sales figures in its stride. Speaking at educational technology event the Bett Show in London on Thursday, Roger Walkden, Senior Director and Commercial Lead of HoloLens, acknowledged that the price tag was partly responsible for the small number of sales. Interestingly, though, Microsoft is not bothered by what could be… [Continue Reading]
  • Have you ever been extremely dissatisfied with the refresh/reload performance of your web browser? Yeah, me neither. Quite frankly, I never gave much thought to it. Google has noticed, however, and it has improved the reload performance with Chrome 56. The search giant did not discover the deficiencies of the reload feature on its own, as Facebook apparently tipped Google off to it. You see, the social network noticed that the Chrome web browser was less efficient compared to other browsers, and now Google has rectified it. "Users typically reload either because a page is broken or the content seems stale.… [Continue Reading]
  • Windows 10 comes with a selection of decent stock apps, but if you don’t use some (or indeed all) of them, then really they serve no purpose other than to take up disk space. Microsoft introduced the ability to remove unwanted stock apps in build 14936 for Windows Insiders, but now it’s taken back that option. While you’ve been able to uninstall certain Windows 10 apps since launch, as of October, Insiders have been able to delete apps such as Calculator, Groove Music, Mail and calendar, Movies & TV, OneNote, and Xbox, but that’s no longer the case. If you’ve… [Continue Reading]
  • Mid-market enterprises have very high confidence in their cyber security defenses, but in reality they struggle to defend against malicious activity which has become more sophisticated, more targeted and more severe. Security operations-as-a-service company Arctic Wolf Networks along with research firm Vanson Bourne, surveyed IT decision makers at 200 companies with between 500 and 3,000 employees and uncovered a disparity between what IT professionals believe versus the reality of their security posture. It finds a large majority (95 percent) of IT professionals believe their cybersecurity posture is above average to great, yet 100 percent of these same respondents report that their organization's… [Continue Reading]
  • Security is now the top priority for app development, surpassing availability, a new report by F5 Networks states. The State of Application Delivery report is based on a poll of more than 2,000 IT, networking, application, and security professionals worldwide. Looking at how they are deploying and managing their applications in a rapidly evolving landscape, the report also says that organizations in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), expect more than three quarters (76 percent) of their apps in the cloud this year. The average organization in this region also plans on deploying 18 app services in the next… [Continue Reading]