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  • In 2016, American businesses suffered half a billion dollars a year in losses from phishing attacks with the average cost at $1.6 million each. These numbers are alarming evidence that just one click can cause significant financial and reputational damage to your brand. And since studies show that a staggering 30 percent of phishing emails get opened, it’s no wonder that they consistently rank as the top cyberattack vector. Despite being one of the oldest cyberattacks in the book, phishing remains so popular because it’s a highly effective means of exploiting the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain: humans. To… [Continue Reading]
  • PHP powers the vast majority of the web today. It is by far the most ubiquitous and accessible mature web language, and welcomes thousands of new developers every day. Better PHP Development offers the tools and techniques you need to become a better developer. This collection comprises: How PHP Executes -- from Source Code to Render by Thomas Punt Getting to Know and Love Xdebug by Bruno Škvorc Localization Demystified: Php-Intl for Everyone by Younes Rafie Event Sourcing in a Pinch by Christopher Pitt Disco with Design Patterns: A Fresh Look at Dependency Injection by Reza Lavaryan A Comprehensive Guide to Using Cronjobs by Reza Lavaryan… [Continue Reading]
  • The Special Olympics is a wonderful organization that enables people with intellectual disabilities to compete against each other and win medals. While it promotes health, fitness, and camaraderie, it also highlights that all people deserve the right to compete. It is very inspiring stuff, folks. Today, Microsoft announces that it has partnered with the Special Olympics for an all-new Xbox gaming tournament. This is not the first time that the Windows-maker has worked with the organization. For this tourney, Microsoft is pairing two players to a team -- one with an intellectual disability and one without. Teams will then face-off… [Continue Reading]
  • Technology progresses quickly. In large part, that’s due to semiconductors, which power everything from computers to toasters. As semiconducting components become more advanced, they get smaller and more powerful. This, in turn, enables electronic products to become smaller, more powerful and more cost-effective. One company, which has long been a leader in the semiconductor business, recently introduced a unique machine that takes microprocessor production to the next level. New method Dutch firm ASML recently introduced a new machine for manufacturing microprocessors that helps make them even smaller and more powerful. The machine uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light to essentially print… [Continue Reading]
  • Trend Micro has a new privacy-focused mobile browser for iOS users called Zero Browser. It has been designed specifically to block a range of tracking techniques, including the invasive activity-recording "session replay" method. The company says that the browser was created to overcome the shortcomings of existing "incognito" browsing modes and brings an extra level of privacy to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. See also: Apple removes apps using the CallKit framework because of Chinese regulations Apple clamps down on apps that share location data with third parties Microsoft will roll out 'key' GDPR rights globally... not just in… [Continue Reading]
  • The clock is ticking for the arrival of GDPR (or General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe. As of May 25 -- this Friday -- new regulations will give people greater access to the data companies store about them and the right to have it deleted. Microsoft is among the global technology firms that will have to comply with the laws in Europe and -- pointing out how it appreciates "the strong leadership by the European Union on these important issues" -- the company says that it will also roll out some of the benefits of the privacy legislation on a… [Continue Reading]
  • Robbing a bank used to involve a mask, a gun and a fast car, but these days it's more likely to be done via the safer and no less lucrative means of a cyberattack. A new report from cloud security specialist Carbon Black, based on responses from CISOs at 40 major financial institutions -- including six of the top 10 global banks -- seeks to better understand the attack landscape. Among the findings are that 90 percent of financial institutions report being the subject of a ransomware attack in 2017. In addition one in 10 respondents report encountering destructive attacks… [Continue Reading]
  • With GDPR coming into force at the end of this week, new research from Egress Software Technologies found over half of respondents were in the dark about what their company was doing to prepare for the legislation. Only 43 percent of the 1,000 respondents were aware of preparations, there is also a lack of awareness surrounding personal data in general. One in 10 are unaware they are handling personal data in their day-to-day jobs and 57 percent are unable to correctly identify when it would need to be protected. When presented with categories of personal data -- such as addresses,… [Continue Reading]
  • Not so long ago the idea of email fraud mainly involved Nigerian princes asking for your help to liberate a few million dollars. Things have moved on and the scammers have become more sophisticated, but email fraud is no less of a threat according to a new study by email security specialist Agari, which studied activity on 78 criminal email accounts over a period of 10 months. Interestingly Nigeria is still at the heart of email scams, with nine out of 10 of the accounts studied based there. Most focus on business email compromise (BEC) attacks, but romance scams --… [Continue Reading]
  • Security researchers have discovered a bug in the Comcast website that makes it possible to gather information about Xfinity users. As well as customer data such as home addresses, it is also possible to access wireless network details including passwords. The bug was reported by Karan Saini and Ryan Stevenson after they found it was possible to use the Xfinity activation website to access customer data using nothing more than a customer account ID and that customer's house or apartment number. Although the online form for activation asks for a full address, it is only necessary to supply the number… [Continue Reading]
  • It's only a couple of week until Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, and it's looking as though we could be getting a new voice for Siri -- and possibly a new HomePod. This is not just idle speculation or the usual industry rumor mill working overtime -- this time around it is Siri itself providing the clues. Ask Siri what to expect from WWDC next month, and the digital assistant starts to drop hints. See also: Apple removes apps using the CallKit framework because of Chinese regulations Apple clamps down on apps that share location data with third parties Apple tells… [Continue Reading]
  • As news of yet another chip vulnerability creeps out, computer users, businesses and organizations around the world are trying to assess how the latest bug affects them. To help its users and others to understand what the Speculative Store Bypass/Variant 4 vulnerability means, Red Hat has issued advisories and an explanatory video. The company also reveals exactly which of its Linux builds are affected by the security flaw and what steps can be taken as mitigation. In addition to this, Red Hat has put together a number of resources that help to "provide more context around this vulnerability from an… [Continue Reading]
  • Just when you thought you could forget about the Spectre and Meltdown chip vulnerabilities, yet another variant has been discovered. Known as Speculative Store Bypass, the vulnerability affects chips from AMD and Intel, as well as Power 8, Power 9 and System z processors. The vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2018-3639, and successful exploitation would mean that an attacker could gain access to data. The attack can be carried out through a "language-based runtime environment" such as JavaScript. Some patches exist while others are in development, and they include the same performance hit associated with patches for the previous vulnerabilities. See… [Continue Reading]
  • Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phone program is one of the best deals going. If you aren't familiar, this is where quality Android devices are sold at discounted prices to Amazon Prime members. The company used to subsidize the price by showing advertisements on the phone's lock screen, but it has since abandoned that. Instead, the phone is ad-free, but does come with some Amazon apps preinstalled. Today, Amazon launches the latest Prime Exclusive Phone. The LG K30, as it is called, is your run-of-the-mill Android device, with ho-hum specifications and a generic design. What makes it truly enticing, however, is the… [Continue Reading]
  • Want to know a secret? Google apps on iOS are often much better than the Android versions. Don't ask me why -- you'd think the search giant would show more love to its own platform instead of Apple's, but oh well. Ultimately, iPhone owners get the best of both worlds. Today, Google announces a new Maps feature that is apparently exclusive to iOS. Before Android users get too upset, they should know it really isn't a big deal. In fact, it is kind of odd that the search giant is even hyping the seemingly useless feature. What is it, you… [Continue Reading]
  • While the success of Apple Watch has attracted the most attention when it comes to enterprise wearables in the workplace, the market is beginning to split into battles for the wrist (and borrowing from Neil Cybart), the eyes (e.g. Google Glass) and the ears (e.g. AirPods). Not to mention wearables for the body -- smart garments and (God forbid) implantables (Now, apparently, a word. Though if someone in my company tells me I need to implant something for my job, they will have my resignation before they finish the request). But the adoption of such technology comes with a practical limitation -- we each… [Continue Reading]
  • For Apple fans, buying an elegant laptop is a very simple affair. After all, the company's entire line of MacBooks are well-designed and gorgeous. For Windows users, unfortunately, this is a much more difficult task. Many notebooks running Microsoft's operating system are low quality in more ways than one -- deficient display, plastic chassis, and horrific trackpad to name a few. That's not to say all Windows laptops are bad -- the great ones are just fairly rare. Today, one of the most exciting Windows 10 laptops finally makes its way to the USA. The ultra-premium Huawei MateBook X Pro… [Continue Reading]
  • One of the darkest secrets of Information Technology (IT) is called the Productivity Paradox. Google it and you’ll learn that for at least 40 years and study after study it has been the case that spending money on IT -- any money -- doesn’t increase organizational productivity. We don’t talk about this much as an industry because it’s the negative side of IT. Instead we speak in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). But there is finally some good news: Cloud computing actually increases productivity and we can prove it. The Productivity Paradox doesn’t claim that IT is useless, by the way,… [Continue Reading]
  • At its SharePoint Virtual Summit, Microsoft today unveiled SharePoint spaces, a way to bring SharePoint into virtual reality and mixed reality environments. Microsoft says that SharePoint spaces adds a third dimension to company intranets, and allows people to engage and interact with documents, data, and video in new and more immersive ways. The company envisions the technology being used by businesses to create interactive welcome environments for new employees, interactive product databases, training experiences, and much more. See also: Microsoft acquires AI startup Semantic Machines to help boost Cortana Microsoft is said to be working on a cheap Surface tablet… [Continue Reading]
  • Having previously refused to answer questions in the UK, last week Mark Zuckerberg agreed to appear in front of the EU parliament to speak about Facebook's use of data. The Facebook chief is due to appear in front of MEPs tomorrow, Tuesday, and European Parliament President Antonio Tajani has announced that the appearance will be livestreamed. So, if you fancy tuning in to see what Zuckerberg has to say and how he is able to "clarify issues related to the use of personal data", you will be able to do just that. See also: Mark Zuckerberg agrees to appear in… [Continue Reading]